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rawpixel-604744-unsplashAs a software company, you work hard on your software.  Now you just need to get it in the hands of more customers.

Software Marketing Advisor provides tools, templates, and tips to help you better market, promote, and sell your software, solutions, services, and apps. They also provide consulting services to optimize your marketing strategy, messaging and value proposition, and to help with building your software business and increasing your software sales.

Learn more about this resource for software marketing, software sales, & the business of software for software companies and tech services firms, with a specific focus on SaaS and Big Data.

What is solutions marketing? — Product Marketing – republished from Leena Joshi

Solution marketing is about articulating how a customer pain is solved. While product marketing explains what a product does and why anyone would care, solution marketing turns the table, and explains how a customer pain point is solved – in some cases, with many products from the same company or different companies.

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BUSTING THE MOST COMMON MISUNDERSTANDINGS IN START-UP MARKETING Starting a business can be scary — no secret there — and on top of that, there’s a lot of misinformation out there steering potential business owners awry. Not cool…But what can we do about it? How can we make sure start-ups don’t fall victim to the most common marketing myths? […]


B2B Marketing Strategy for Startups — TubiMubi

You are the brand new B2B Marketing Manager for a young Startup. The startup is already in the market for a year or so and is about to make a product relaunch. Which B2B marketing strategies would you follow for a successful relaunch campaign? This is a typical challenge when you work at a Startup. […]

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Software Business Advisor newsletter

The Software Business Advisor is our free monthly newsletter with information about trends in the software business, software marketing tips, software sales help, and business planning.

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Drip Marketing 101 — The SaaS Marketer

Do business the human way! One of the critical thing that many SaaS companies fail to understand is that they are selling to humans. Be it a B2B or B2C platform, the decision maker is a live functioning human being. And, not all humans think alike. Agreed? If your answer is no, I would love to hear your […]

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Software Marketing Planning Templates


If you’re planning a software or SaaS business, or strategizing your marketing approach, a template can help you organize your thoughts and ideas.

Take a look at some of our available software marketing and business planning downloads here.


7 Tips to Plan Your B2B Software Marketing


I know, it’s always a challenge to properly plan your B2B software marketing when you are wearing all the other hats to run your small software firm.

But there are actually some easy steps you can take to make sure your marketing decisions are more strategic and align with your business goals. And they’ll give you a strategic framework to quickly select which marketing opportunities are the best ones to drive your business forward.

Don’t Procrastinate Your Marketing Strategy Planning

By following these seven key steps you can quickly develop a software marketing strategy that lets you make informed decisions about marketing tactics:

  1. Understand your market landscape

    • who are your competitors?

    • who are potential customers?

    • who are potential partners/influencers?

  1. Segment your market

    • how can you group the market players?

    • what are the different categories of potential customers?

  1. Develop segment profiles

    • what are the key descriptors of the various customer segments?

  2. Define ideal customer targets

    • which of the customer segments are your most profitable targets?

    • write a detailed persona of each
  3. Understand pain points & sales needs

    • what are the main pain points of your target customers?

    • what information or material do they need to make a purchase decision?

    • who is involved in the purchase decision?

  4. Develop your elevator pitch & messages

    • what are the key talking points (to the target segments)?

  5. Define your communications strategy

    • what are the best marketing strategies to communicate your messages to your ideal target customers and solve their pain points?

It is important to follow each of these steps in turn, writing down a paragraph or two to answer the questions. In future posts, I will provide a little more detail on each step and links to useful worksheets where you can record and analyze your answers.  I’ll link those from this blog post when they’re up, so come back to learn more.

One final word of advice:  Don’t be tempted to just jump straight to the last step (creating your communications strategy) – this is the mistake that many startup founders make. They then find themselves throwing marketing opportunities at a wall to see what “sticks”. That is a huge waste of time and money. It is much better to invest a little bit of time up front to develop your strategy, than waste a lot of time on marketing activities that don’t contribute to your bottom line.

If you’re ready to get started planning your software marketing, then take a look at our Software Marketing Plan Package which includes some helpful templates and guides to step you through the process.

A framework for founders considering raising capital — Mentorphile

When and how to raise capital is probably the most common questions I get from founders during mentoring sessions. There are two problems with this situation, as it leaves out the two important questions: why do you want to raise capital? and is your venture investable? I end up giving a brief overview of the […]

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More pitch advice courtesy of Inc. — Mentorphile

While the web seems to be awash in advice on how to give a pitch I find my mentees still need a lot of help preparing their pitches. Most are engineers who have little to no experience in public speaking, to use an archaic, but accurate term. They probably also have little experience in using […]

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