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From Software Marketing Advisor:

What is different about selling software online?

You may be wondering how is selling software online different from selling any other ecommerce product. After all, isn’t selling software online more or less the same as selling anything else, such as shoes or office supplies?

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In a nutshell, it really isn’t very different: You still need to understand your target customer and what problem or need your software is addressing. You still need to worry about branding, messaging, and how to reach your audience. And you still need to be able to communicate your USP (unique selling proposition) to get them to buy.

But there are two ways in which selling software is a little different from selling other products – the first may be obvious, and the second is a little more subtle, but both are important:

(1) Where you sell software online: software is often sold through app stores, download sites, or your own website, rather than via the popular ecommerce platforms which are designed primarily for physical products.

(2) How you communicate the value: software developers are engineers, and often make the mistake of focusing on the technology (software features or the underlying technology used) rather than on the customer benefits.

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