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How to Select a Software Marketing Firm

If you’re looking to hire a marketing agency to market your software, make sure you follow the guidelines in my new article on hiring a marketing firm.  Summary below.

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  1. Keep core strategy in-house – know your marketing goals and value proposition BEFORE hiring someone else to do your marketing.
  2. Make sure they know the tech space – hire someone with experience in the technology industry.
  3. Choose a firm with experience in your industry – they should understand your target customers (differentiate between B2B and B2C) and have experience in your vertical industry.
  4. Clearly define the roles – what will be your involvement? what are the specific expectations for the agency?
  5. Define metrics – you should have an idea of how you will measure the success of your marketing, before meeting with an agency.

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How to Lead Productive User Interviews for Your Mobile App By Amalia Helen — Technopreneurph

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