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Plan your software launch with the Go-to-Market Toolkit

Need to develop your marketing strategy for your upcoming software launch?

We have just added a Go-to-Market Toolkit package to the website, including all the tools you’ll need to plan a successful software launch:

  • Launch checklist one-pager
  • Go-to-market timeline template
  • Go-to-market strategy template
  • Go-to-market plan template
  • eGuide on “How to Launch Your Software”
  • Worksheets, planning tools, etc

You can get more detail on the Go-to-Market Toolkit here.



Entrepreneurs that Can’t Sell — David Cummings on Startups

This article from David Cummings’ blog provides some good tips for entrepreneurs that need help with sales skills:

Last month I was talking to an entrepreneur that lamented he can’t sell. No matter how hard he tries selling his prototype to prospects, his idea to investors, or his vision to potential employees, it’s just not clicking. After hearing this, I asked a few questions about his strategy and approach. It became clear that […]

via Entrepreneurs that Can’t Sell — David Cummings on Startups

6 Steps for a Successful Software Launch

A successful software launch can be a critical component to the long-term viability of any new software, app, or service. How can you plan your launch to really boost your product’s success?

schedule planning startup launching

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This article gives you six helpful steps to follow.

Keep in mind: as much time and energy should go into planning the launch and your ongoing software marketing strategy as goes into productizing and testing the actual product.

To help you plan, we have just launched our Go-to-Market Toolkit, which includes guides, templates and checklists to plan a successful software launch. The Toolkit is available now here.

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