Amazon Web Services enters the wild-and-wooly world of applications

Interesting how Amazon is increasingly competing with their own ecosystem. Caveat emptor for those building apps on top of AWS


The big news last week was Amazon(s amzn) Web Service’s entry into several new areas —  log monitoring and admin with Logs for CloudWatch; collaboration and file sharing with Zocalo; and mobile application development with Cognito, Mobile Analytics and a new Mobile SDK.

First, the new logging tool, which I glossed over last week, but is an important example of Amazon filling gaps in its product menu. As the name states, the new tool works with the AWS CloudWatch network monitoring console to collect log file activities which can then be stored and analyzed in  AWS Kinesis.

Log files can be valuable to the iterative practice of product updates and feature adds, but deriving that value can be tricky, Matt Wood, AWS GM of Data Science told me last week.

“As developers choose which features to do next they have to continuously experiment and measure what’s going on inside their app,” he said. “You need to…

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