Is Technology Breeding Boring Marketing?

An interesting read although I definitely disagree that big data is taking the creativity out of marketing. Quite the opposite in fact!


Is Technology Breeding Boring Marketing?

We live in a time where there is more data about customers than ever before. Marketers are flooded with data, more than any single human could ever hope to sort on their own. In response to this valuable information, scientists have developed new techniques for finding trends within customer data so that marketers can reach and engage customers more effectively and close more deals.

But is that all consumers are to marketers now? Just a collection of data points? Has marketing been reduced to a boring science? Absolutely not. There will always be a place for creativity within marketing.

The Wall Street Journal published an article recently that raised the question “Does Intuition Matter in a Big Data World?” The conclusion is yes. “Even as quantitative analytic techniques become ever more powerful, they will never supplant the need for human intuition and creativity,” writes WSJ’s…

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