Notice to startups: You are doing data science wrong

Worth reading if you are thinking about how to leverage data in your startup business planning. Data product engineers or data scientists? Whatever you call them, the key is to integrate into your core product team, not a separate “science” team.


When we think about data science, we think of a mythical laboratory where scientists are feverishly crunching numbers to provide a clear quantitative view of the future. We’ve been sold on the idea that these transformative findings will unlock increased performance numbers. Large companies hire teams of academics to sift through their massive repositories of data, believing in data science as it is currently described: academics doing glorified business intelligence.

Startups and small businesses must take a drastically different approach if they want to see real value.

For startups, data science should not be seen as a separate scientific initiative but as an integrated part of the product. Speed and efficiency are key factors to burgeoning companies; hiring and building out a team of data scientists, or more aptly named “data product engineers,” is paramount. Once you accept that data science is about building data products, you will see that…

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