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Software startups building businesses around big data

Some great examples of software startups delivering business value from machine learning, big data & internet of things:

Highland Capital Partners Commits To Invest $25 Million In Leap Motion Developers


It seems like every time we’ve got a new developer platform, there needs to be a fund to invest in and entice developers to create awesome new applications for it. First there was the iFund. Then there was the fbFund. And the Twilio Fund. And the Glasshole Fund. And now, one venture firm has decided to put aside money for a fund that invests just in developers who make applications for the Leap Motion gesture-based controller.

Highland Capital Partners, which is already an investor in Leap Motion, has committed another $25 million to back the young startup. To do so, it’s established the Leap Fund, which is designed to find and put money into innovative startups that are building new applications that take advantage of its 3D gesture control.

So what kind of problems could applications using the Leap Motion Controller solve? According to the…

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Mobile app monetization: Think business model, not ads | VentureBeat

This article posted today at VentureBeat is well worth a read if you have a mobile app and need to work on better monetization .

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