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Do You Have an Effective Marketing Strategy Process?

Selling technology effectively requires an effective marketing strategy process.

There is a huge difference between technology marketing done well, and technology marketing done poorly. Whether you sell software, web services, SaaS subscriptions, hardware, or IT services, we’ve all made these mistakes.

Top 3 Mistakes in Technology Marketing

1. Waiting to complete your product before you start marketing it. Instead, marketing needs to go hand-in-hand with product definition and development. A good marketing strategy process starts with understanding your customer… more about that below.
2. Trying to market your feature list instead of a solution to a problem. Too many providers of technology end up talking about their software/hardware/service features and capabilities, rather than putting it in language the customer can relate to: how does it provide a solution to a problem? Only after you’ve convinced the customer you have a solution to their problem will they listen to your feature list.
3. Trying to solve too large of a problem. If you’re just starting out, don’t try to tackle every problem that your product could solve. Instead, identify a subset of problems that (a) truly differentiate you, and (b) allow you to focus and rise above the noise. Then focus your marketing specifically on that niche.

This article on a 7-Step Marketing Strategy Process at Easy Marketing Strategies outlines an easy-to-follow 7 step process to make sure you’re getting the most out of your marketing activities.

Software Marketing Advisor also provides coaching services – whether you need one hour or forty – that can help get you over the hump in effectively aligning your marketing with your customers and your business goals. You can learn more about our coaching service here.

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