Using Email Marketing the Right Way

I read a good email marketing article this week on Marketing Profs: Boosting Email Subscriber Satisfaction. Communicating regularly with your email list can be a real booster of revenue… but only if you avoid being seen as spam, and add value to your prospects and customers.

This article has some really good tips on how to create custom subscriber experiences and increase subscriber satisfaction in your email marketing, including:

  • Communicate regularly… but not too frequently. How frequently will depend on how often your typical customers make purchases.
  • Use custom welcome messages and emails at various points in a given customer’s purchase cycle, to bring them back for more.
  • Use customer satisfaction surveys and other post-purchase communications to keep your product or service foremost in the customer’s mind, and show that you are a customer-focused organization.

6 Responses to “Using Email Marketing the Right Way”

  1. 1 Norman July 20, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    Nice post and blog! Greets.

  2. 2 Linda July 27, 2009 at 7:23 am

    Good thing found at your blog about email marketing! Welldone! You have placed a good information on your blog. But, I want to talk something more about email marketing. Actually, it is not too easy as it seems. Most of the people are under misconception that collecting email IDs and using a bulk email sender can make you successful. But it is not. What do you think? Actually, most of the businesses these days are not selling one product. They are selling different products for diff. niches and for the different markets. So, in this case they should have the different lists of bulk email IDs. Email Marketing is being difficult in these days. But still experiments are being done by a lot of people and companies. I usually keep on trying the products of the different companies. Now a days, some wonderful products are coming in the market that can give you great earning opportunities. I do not want my comment considered as spam here so will not discuss about my blog, but if you visit my blog then you will find, how I am using different products for my email marketing these days and making a lot Really! When I found your blog about email marketing, It was great one and I could not stop myself writing comment? But, last thing, I want to ask, Do you offer newsletter to your visitors or not? Do you know any kind of program to make effective newsletter? Waiting for reply – Thanks – Regards

  3. 3 jleescastro August 4, 2009 at 2:21 am

    Linda – thanks for your comment. There are plenty of tools one can use to facilitate email marketing, but it is critically important to utilize a double-opt-in approach (to ensure recipients really do wish to receive your email communication) and to always provide an easy way for people to unsubscribe. In response to your question: yes, I do offer a couple of monthly newsletters – one on software marketing, and one on more general marketing strategies. You can find them via the two first links on the blogroll on the right. — Joanna

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