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What are the Best Digital Marketing Activities for Software Companies?

marketing-onlineThe Question of the Week over at is about identifying the best digital marketing activities that could be adopted for software enterprises.

It’s a good question, even though a very general one, because there are many web software marketing options available for software companies, and most are very affordable choices especially for smaller software firms and those that sell primarily online.

I also find that many software companies just don’t make the most of their web software marketing efforts. The most important thing to remember is that having a website is no guarantee that your target customers will find you… it is too easy to get lost as just one of the hundreds of millions of sites out there. Your website needs a marketing plan, just as any brick-and-mortar business does too.

First, think about your target customer. Where do they go online to find information about the problem your software product or service is addressing? That is where your digital marketing efforts should focus:

  • the search engines (Google is by far the most important),
  • relevant online forums and blogs,
  • relevant directories,
  • industry websites, etc.

So, getting your website visible in those places is your goal. Make a list of the most important sites where you would like your website to be highlighted.

In general, these are my main recommended areas to focus on for internet marketing of software products and solutions:

  1. SEO – make sure you’re following proper use of keywords, meta tags, and building inbound links to your website.
  2. Blog – you should have a blog on your website that is updated regularly, and participate in other blog discussions and comments.
  3. Participate in forums & discussion groups, including links to your website where appropriate (don’t spam!)
  4. Write articles and publish white papers online
  5. Issue online press releases
  6. Advertising: PPC or online classified advertising relevant to your niche.
  7. Webinars and virtual trade shows
  8. Get listed in directories – both general ones, and online software directories relevant to your niche
  9. Newsletter & email marketing (always opt-in)

You can find more detail in this article on building your web software marketing plan.

Using Email Marketing the Right Way

I read a good email marketing article this week on Marketing Profs: Boosting Email Subscriber Satisfaction. Communicating regularly with your email list can be a real booster of revenue… but only if you avoid being seen as spam, and add value to your prospects and customers.

This article has some really good tips on how to create custom subscriber experiences and increase subscriber satisfaction in your email marketing, including:

  • Communicate regularly… but not too frequently. How frequently will depend on how often your typical customers make purchases.
  • Use custom welcome messages and emails at various points in a given customer’s purchase cycle, to bring them back for more.
  • Use customer satisfaction surveys and other post-purchase communications to keep your product or service foremost in the customer’s mind, and show that you are a customer-focused organization.

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