Startup Storytelling, Simple Pitches and 100 Words — David Cummings on Startups

Reflecting more on last week’s adventure at the amazing SaaStr Annual and Endeavor international selection panel, I noted that entrepreneurs, with all their enthusiasm and energy, have an opportunity to improve on their elevator pitch and storytelling. Met amazing entrepreneurs last week. Most failed at the simple elevator pitch. My company ____ helps businesses like […]

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Planning Your Product Launch with a Go-to-Market Checklist

If you’re bringing a new product, software or service to market, then you need to have a go-to-market strategy:  what are your plans to launch your product and get customers and interest?

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Below is a simple week-by-week checklist leading up to a new software product introduction that you can use to keep all those marketing & promotion details straight. If you need some help putting your go-to-market plan together, or just have a few questions, then sign up for a Software Marketing Consult session here.

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8-12 weeks before launch:

  • Product name finalized
  • Acquire domain name, social handles for product name
  • Create ideal customer persona: Description, Pain points / needs, Benefits
  • USP (Unique Selling Proposition) – what is the key value of your product to your target customer? why are you/your business the right choice (build credibility)?
  • Create a high-level launch plan:
    1. Goals
    2. Strategies (Who is the audience? What channels? When? What messages? How will the customer find it? Why should they act?)
    3. Tactics – specific activities to accomplish the strategies
    4. Metrics – how to measure success

4 weeks before launch:

  • Website ready (or new web page / sub-domain for product)
  • All social pages ready
  • Promotion plan done:
    1. Plan for pre-launch, launch & post-launch press releases
    2. Media/influencer targets identified, with contact info
    3. Compile editorial calendars
    4. Advertising plan (eg, PPC, banner ads, FB ads, offline ads, etc)
  • Keywords for SEO or PPC identified
  • Content marketing plan in place – blog posts, guest blogging, social media

3 weeks before launch:

  • Create media kit (PR, company & product description, bio/story, headshots, screenshots, Q&A, video or demo, trial codes, etc)
  • Sign up for HARO, Pitchrate to receive email about media pitch requests
  • Email signup on website (start before launch)
  • Write email sequence to send to mailing list, both at launch, plus pre- and post-launch
  • Create SEO content for website/blog to bring in search visitors

2 weeks before launch:

  • Pre-launch press release sent to select media & influencers
  • Promote mailing list (prerelease signup)
  • Email update to mailing list
  • Customer support plan
  • Customer documentation complete
  • Channel plan in place – who do you need to sign up? what do they need to sell or list your software?

1 week before launch:

  • Email update to mailing list)
  • Promote mailing list (prerelease signup)
  • List of events (tradeshows, meetups, user groups) and websites where you can “announce” your new product/service)
  • Finalize all announcement copy: press release, description, elevator pitch, social content)

At launch:

  • Update website / product page
  • Launch press release published & sent to all media & influencers
  • Email update to mailing list
  • Add listing / description to websites, directories, stores, etc
  • Announce on social media, blog, forums/groups (as appropriate), etc

Post launch:

  • Post-launch press release with user/customer update/announcement
  • Email update to mailing list
  • Content marketing: social posts, blogs, guest posts, forum/group engagement, etc
  • Gather feedback from users, influencers, etc


Researching the Mobile Application Market

Do you need to research the mobile application market but unsure where to begin? Worried that your mobile app idea may not be a great business opportunity? Don’t have time or money for a custom mobile app market analysis or an expensive research report?

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Don’t reinvent the wheel. This article will give you some suggestions for doing mobile apps market research.

Check out the article below for:

  • a summary of the latest research on the mobile application market, which you can use to start your app market research,
  • a list of some of the latest mobile application market research reports, if you’d like to purchase a professional study,
  • a step-by-step process to create your own custom mobile app market analysis for your specific niche,
  • suggestions for affordable assistance if you just need a little help without breaking the bank.

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rawpixel-604744-unsplashAs a software company, you work hard on your software.  Now you just need to get it in the hands of more customers.

Software Marketing Advisor provides tools, templates, and tips to help you better market, promote, and sell your software, solutions, services, and apps. They also provide consulting services to optimize your marketing strategy, messaging and value proposition, and to help with building your software business and increasing your software sales.

Learn more about this resource for software marketing, software sales, & the business of software for software companies and tech services firms, with a specific focus on SaaS and Big Data.

What is solutions marketing? — Product Marketing – republished from Leena Joshi

Solution marketing is about articulating how a customer pain is solved. While product marketing explains what a product does and why anyone would care, solution marketing turns the table, and explains how a customer pain point is solved – in some cases, with many products from the same company or different companies.

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BUSTING THE MOST COMMON MISUNDERSTANDINGS IN START-UP MARKETING Starting a business can be scary — no secret there — and on top of that, there’s a lot of misinformation out there steering potential business owners awry. Not cool…But what can we do about it? How can we make sure start-ups don’t fall victim to the most common marketing myths? […]


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Drip Marketing 101 — The SaaS Marketer

Do business the human way! One of the critical thing that many SaaS companies fail to understand is that they are selling to humans. Be it a B2B or B2C platform, the decision maker is a live functioning human being. And, not all humans think alike. Agreed? If your answer is no, I would love to hear your […]

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